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Innovation in software analytics for federal agencies

OPS Consulting takes pride in serving the federal sector and teaming with the world's top aerospace and defense companies for more than a decade to drive measureable results.

Federal Government

Department of Defense (DoD)

We provide a wide array of services to the DOD including Acquisition Management and Analysis such as Program Management Office (PMO) execution management, cost and financial control, cost estimation, milestone decision support, and technical services.

System and Software Engineering such as JAVA/J2EE code development, database design (both relational and BIG Table), system engineering, testing, integration, system administration, requirement management, configuration management, and lab management. Additionally, OPS understands the latest Cloud technologies such as HADOOP, CASSANDRA, Virtual Machine, OPENSTACK and others. OPS Consulting's Intelligence Analysts use the tools we build to provide direct support for Agency mission needs.

National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

OPS provided Acquisition Management and Analysis services. We provided expertise with several estimating techniques including engineering buildup and parametric sizing. OPS Consulting uses functional analysis to evaluate software requirements and to develop an independent software size. The software is estimated in various tools such as SEER-SEM, SLIM, and autoRisk (an OPS Consulting-developed) tool that evaluates software risk using the Laurie-Goldberg correlation method.

Department of the Navy

OPS provided System Engineering and Acquisition Management services. OPS provided a system architecture that would support their distributed acquisition organization. Additionally, we provide some specific estimation assistance with several large programs.