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Delivering mission-critical solutions

Intelligence Community

Computer Network Attack, Computer Network Defense and Forensic Analysis
On numerous contracts, OPS cyber security personnel developed and implemented sophisticated solutions, including software, techniques, tool, and methodologies, that protect, secure, and exploit information.

Engineering and Constructing Secure IT systems
Our system architects and engineers apply industry standards and ingenuity to create secure systems. We take advantage of the latest technologies (SOA, cloud computing, etc.) that scale to encompass huge volumes of data for ingest, processing, storage, and dissemination. Our software developers create secure applications to enable access, manipulation, mining, analysis, storage, and output of this data.

Signals Intelligence and Information Operations
On a number of contracts, OPS personnel use skillsets in signals measurement and analysis, digital signals analysis and processing, signals collection, research and analysis, data mining, reporting, processing, geospatial metadata analysis, all-source intelligence analysis, PROFORMA and Multi-INT sources.

Agencies and Services of the Department of Defense

IT System Administration and Analysis
Our personnel are responsible for building and maintaining high-performance IT solutions that keep mission-critical systems up and running 24x7, 365 days a year.

Based on a thorough analysis of current infrastructure, we build cost-effective, long-term support solutions for managing networks and systems. For our development customers, we build and manage laboratories capable of simultaneously running multiple operating systems and simulating different testing platforms.

Acquisition Support and Program Management
OPS supports large ACAT-1 programs throughout their lifecycle, providing system engineering, acquisition support, cost analysis and estimating, and financial and program management services.

Using a set of repeatable processes and tools that we have developed and finely tuned, OPS Consulting's key technical staff translate program requirements into cost drivers that are traceable from concept through development, production, operation, and support. We provide training and customized EVMS implementations to monitor programs and help organizations achieve success.

Quality Assessment Capability (QAC)

Our proprietary Quality Assessment Capability has been used to analyze more than 750,000,000 lines of code. Once we understand code that is currently in place in an application, we provide clients with appropriate cost estimates for software projects.